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I.A. Grimsmo 1840-1927_

The Grimsmo family originated in Norway around 1650. The most prominent Grimsmo entrepreneur in his days was I.A. Grimsmo. Started as a merchandiser and ended up being an industrial powerhouse in the late 1800s. He travelled a lot to get ideas and buy merchandise that he thought the home town wanted. And they did. His first venture was selling home-grown potatoes to the town’s population. There was no Safeway then!

He started and operated two major industrial plants. One was a major processor of wool products, the second was a timber processing plant. Where incidentally I was born. Both are gone today, WW2 happened and Norway changed.

Since then many Grimsmo’s have been entrepreneurs, and to this day there are multiple Grimsmo owning businesses and work by themselves. My brother Bjørn in Langley, BC runs a VIP Landscaping. His son and daughter are both entrepreneurs. And there is of course my own sons John and Erik right here in Grimsby, ON. Grimsmo Knives

And here I am.

Ingvar GrimsmoMy life has been a mosaic of adventures. I moved to Montreal in 1971 and enjoyed 20 years of corporate work. Service/sales positions at 3M (Montreal and Halifax), and sales/management roles at NCR Canada. (Vancouver/Calgary), National Marketing Manager at VTech (Markham). And a few in-between jobs as well. I have consulted with, and developed custom software for big pharma and other manufacturing companies. I even had a 5 year stint as a Sheriff’s Deputy in upstate NY. I have a pilot’s licence, moved about 28 times, playing piano for seniors,, a semi-pro photographer and – well…  been busy with adventures. I’m endlessly drawn to the excitement of new adventures.

I don’t really have a specific reason for this site. Sure, I hope to maybe earn a little commission to help semi-retirement, but after having created hundreds of websites since the browser was invented in the early 90s I though I would just make a very personal site without having to think about SEO and all the things I need to consider when creating a commercial site. I also want to share some of the things I have learned over the years. In the hope maybe some of the tips might trigger a positive change in someone’s life or business.

I always had the entrepreneurial spirit and admit to always having one or more “side” project going at all times. Some worked, others didn’t. One thing is certain, I have learned a lot during my time on earth so far. And still going at it.

My top lesson learned:

Passion, to me is the biggie success factor. I am the type of person that is interested in mostly anything technical, electronic, and how things are made. To balance my brain capacity, I have no interest in sports or politics. I find myself sometimes being annoying in asking questions when I meet a person that is doing something I find interesting. I really want to know everything about things. I dig deep. I have spread myself very thin over the years, learning everything I could about way too many things.

And to that point, I am also driven to try everything I think could work or make money. Many things worked but did not make money. Many worked and did make money, but between the two – the law of averages kicked in.

Lesson learned: Stick to just a couple of things that  work, not lose focus for the sake of the dozens and dozens of “experiments. that sounds good.